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WIMA GB Rally 2018

June 22nd – 24th 2018

Chellington is like nowhere else you will ever stay. It’s a deconsecrated church in the lovely Bedfordshire countryside,
overlooking the river Ouse. Sleeping accommodation is in the aisles of the nave! Activities (including the AGM) take place in the Nave of the church. There are also two separate meeting rooms, one in the Apse and the other in a new built extension, with panoramic views. The area is brilliant for riding, or you could visit a number of places including Bletchley Park (highly recommended)

Rally INFO: Chellington is a unique venue but it does come with some rules
which we have to live by.

ARRIVAL will be FROM 5pm 22nd – NOT EARLIER (sorry, not my rules). The
AGM should finish at 12pm on Sunday 24th and after that we all have 2 hours max to pack up and leave, so the centre can be cleaned for the next party. No dogs are allowed. For early arrivals I suggest meeting nearby: there is a café (not cheap but quite nice) in the Harrold/Odell country park just down the road: Carlton Road, Harrold, Bedford MK43 7DS or there is the Oakley Arms in Harrold or the Emmaus bistro in Carlton School Ln, Carlton MK43 7LQ open till 4.30 During the weekend, if wanted, there will be games, quizzes, a suggested route for a ride out, etc etc.

Rooms are essentially spoken for but if we have individual members who are willing to share a room, there is one room set aside for this purpose. The cost will be divided between however many share. Please enquire!

There is ample camping in the field next to the centre. You may bring a camper van or caravan but it must be sited in the car park and there is no electric hook up, or gas bottles allowed.

A bed linen hire package is available for those sleeping in the centre: it costs £5 and includes duvet, duvet cover, bed sheet, pillow and pillow slip. ALL those staying in the centre get a pillow and pillow slip included but unless you pay the additional £5, you will have to bring either a sleeping bag or bed linen. FOOD – Friday night food – will be takeaways or people might choose to walk to the pub. If possible we will do a ‘Takeaway run’ and get fish and chips in for those who can be there by a certain time, I’ll ask in my map mailing close to the time. You may bring in a microwaveable meal or Google local takeaways & bring one in. Saturday night there is a catered group meal available at the centre, this is a two course meal with a choice of two mains and two deserts, at £15 per person. It MUST be pre ordered and money paid up front when you book, but can be refunded up to May 31st if need be. After May 31st, no refunds.

NO SPARE MEALS will be available on the night! Order and pay in advance or make your own arrangements. (Centre Kitchen will be in use by the caterer) All campers and those staying in the centre will have a continental breakfast provided (please note that this will include boiled eggs, but no omelettes or pancakes, unlike previous visits – we’re not cooking!) Deposits for accommodation are NON REFUNDABLE. Bookings are transferrable to someone else, but ONLY IF you find the someone else, get the deposit money from them and inform the organiser! Booking deadline and cut off for balance payments is May 31st. No new bookings will be processed after this date. Maps and final info will go out to all those booked after June 10th. Pay on the day camping will be available, at a cost of £20 (the cost is still £20 if you only stay Saturday night). Pay on the day accommodation in the centre would depend on whether anyone staying is willing to share their room with you (!) although there is space to fling a sleeping mat in the Apse of the church (separated from the Nave by screens). The charge for additional indoor sleeping in the Apse would be £20, same as camping and the charge for being an additional person in a pre booked room would be TBC but more than £20. All day visitors must pay £10 pp for the weekend if they are staying in B&Bs, as the venue will be charging us.

Visitors who want to attend the AGM only on Sunday morning ONLY, please let us know. We have to have a full list of all those present on site due to strict H&S requirements. For those arriving by bike who would struggle to bring alcohol, a limited supply will be available, payable by donation. Please advise the organiser if you want to take advantage of this so we can get enough in, and let us know if you’d prefer beer, lager, cider or wine (no specific brands!) There is a pub within walking distance, but it’s not next door.. If you bring your own booze – please NO GLASS bottles! (There is no glass recycling available at the centre and I am not taking your rubbish home!) Why not share a box of wine with friends?!!

Please ask Sherbs via the address or PM on Facebook if you want more details or a booking form.