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News February 2015

Denise Gilvear, Southern Liaison Officer writes:

I know the feeling. Look out of the window…. is it snowing?……what’s the wind like?………. will I get cold?……… Is there a book I can read that will inspire me?

Well, the answers are; probably not snowing now; yes there is wind – it’s February; No you won’t get cold if you have the right base layers, middle layers, outer layer and waterproofs (now try and get on your bike!!) and yes, there is always something around that will let the sun shine in and your throttle hand twitch.

So, I’m on the hunt again for good rides, events and ‘happenings’ for the Spring and summer. There are a number of BIG events scheduled and you will have had information in your newsletter, but I’m thinking of those nice events such as tea as a National Trust property; lunch at a cafe with a wonderful view; meeting other bikers and sharing stories.

So, come on, get those thinking caps on and contact either myself, Denise, Southern Liaison Officer or Ann, Northern Liaison Officer and tell us about them.

Just as a matter of interest, a couple of us are thinking about a quiet weekend in Wales where the roads are superb, the food is great and the company… well, it’s WIMA isn’t it? So it must be good! Let me know if you are interested.

Possible ride-outs!

The OWL’S NEST Tea Room Diner, a family run business at the heart of the Garden Centre, just outside Llandovery, on the A4069 to Llangadog.This place welcomes groups and includes bikers within that welcome.

It was described to me as a ‘serious four hour ride each way’ but it does mean South-eastern girls will have a lovely ride, nice food and meet up with ladies from the West of the region. I haven’t put forward a date for this because it will need to be organised between us and the Region Rep, Sheila, in order to get the best out of it. In the mean time, take a look at the meeting place using the link below.

Of course, Jan suggests that if you’re game it could be a weekender event!

Jan has also suggested a jaunt to Mersea Island, meeting at the bike stop near High Beech. I have been to Mersea and found it a lovely place and would really like to do this ride. Anyone else up for it? I’m not sure when would be a good month for this. Any suggestions and anyone willing to take the lead for it?

Jan also mentioned The Elizabethan Hunting Lodge in Epping Road.  I have no idea where or what this is so will leave it to the London girls to inform me as I’m a simple country gal with no knowledge of these wicked London ways…………………..sorry, got carried away again!

I thought that this place: looked like a good place to meet! The blurb says:

Wessons cafe in Horam has been a bikers favorite stop for over 12 years . Motorcycle relics and memorabilia hang proudly from the walls . You are always assured of a warm welcome whether your arrive on by motorcycle , car , cycle , horse or on foot.

I also received a message from Sheila in Wales mentioning a biker’s cafe at Crossgates.
She is more than happy to find some places and meet up with others. I think it would be best to identify a location to meet and then follow Sheila (who knows the best roads and watering holes) to a location. Although I like making my own way in new places, sometimes it’s good to meet up with local friends and find places only the locals know. Added to which, some Welsh roads can be little devils to get round!!

Sheila also sent the following:

Hi Denise.
Nice ride up the Mountain road from Rhayader to Aberystwyth A44 in the summer with Red Kite Cafe half way. Circular ride around the Elan Valley dams from Rhayader with good award winning cafe and visitors centre,Red kite centres…I think there are 3. One on the mountain road to Aberystwyth has a cafe. A470 which runs the length of mid Wales…good cafe “The Halt”. All used by bikers and lots of photos on Google images of the places I’ve mentioned. Bikers cafes near Leominster on the Welsh English border. OK Diner, and a bikers cafe not far from there in a secluded wood, can’t just remember the name. The Steel Horse Cafe near Usk is new and just for bikers.An old pub turned into a cafe ..and should have it’s own website. Knills cafe at crossgates where the A483 and A44 meet Ideal for any members coming from England as it’s only approx 20 miles from the A49. There are so many places !!

You have Welshpool for Wales, but there are better places…Abergavenny bus station car park on Sundays, Steel Horse bikers cafe on the old road to Usk, and Knills cafe on the A44 near Llandrindod wells, tons of bikes there on a summer sunday,and even a few this week!! just to name a few. 🙂
Have a great 2014

If you fancy any or all of the above, let me know and we’ll get something organised. I think it only polite to let Sheila know when someone will be around so a quick get together could be arranged at any time!

Paula has asked whether we can meet up at the ACE on a weekend instead of our normal Wednesday evening. The answer is yes we can and certainly Rina and a couple of others meet there at weekend. They will usually let folks know when.

Paula also suggested a run out to the Sammy Miller museum one weekend. I think that’s a great idea and I’ll try to fit one in to the calendar if someone will step up to lead it……?

In addition she mentioned a Bus Terminal at Abergavenny but I need a bit more info about the location (please Paule) and i’m not sure if it is this she describes as ‘a bit like Box Hill, nothing there but loads of bikes’.

Sue Barnes has suggested a very special run which she describes as ‘the ‘bluebell ride’ which takes you up the A281, squiggles through Ewhurt to Shere and ends at Newlands Corner. See here:
This one needs to be in April or at least when the bluebells are out. So Sue, can you give me a date?

She also suggested The Emmaus place is in Portslade. See here:
She says ‘This would need to be on a Saturday, as it’s not open on Sunday. They have a great cafe, second hand shop and very peaceful gardens.’

I love the sound of this place and would love to go there. We’ll sort out a date and you can put my name down Sue!

The Shoreham locks is an interesting experience for a little ride afterwards, plus a quick walk on the beach…and a nice cream from the cafe for the brave!

Southwick beach

Finally, I have a super suggestion or request from Rina. She thought a trip down the A303 – Glastonbury would be nice. Again I want to do that trip as well! I’ve not spent much time there and would love to have a wander. Best to avoid Festival time!!

Ride well ladies!


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