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International Rally UK, 2019

The Rally was a huge success – click here to see some photographs from the event.

Full Report on the business and general shenanigans coming soon.


When WIMA, Women’s International Motor-cycle Association held their week long Inter-national Rally in Derbyshire in August, IAM National Observer Linda Ashmore from Dorchester & West Dorset was invited to organise a day’s Advanced Riding for some of the two hundred plus female bikers who would be coming from over twelve countries. 

National Observers Gina Herridge of Somerset, Rachel Mahy (also a police motorcyclist) & Mel Rowbottom both from Bristol, Di Woodcock of Aylesbury and Thames Vale groups, Stephanie Evans of Herts & Beds, Shirley Eden and Local Observer Coron Wybrow both from Cheddar Valley, immediately volunteered. 

Following a presentation on Advanced Riding Techniques the fifty riders who had signed up were taken out for observed rides. A really positive atmosphere encompassed the day, with many others wishing they had also signed up. All were particularly appreciative of having female observers: Monique of the Netherlands said, “We were so appreciative of their skills and how they taught us.” Julie from the UK said, “Apart from what I learned on the ride the best ‘top-tip’ was from Rachel, when she showed me, at only five foot, how to get my bike off its side stand when on a steep slope just by twisting the handle-bar, amazing, no strength needed!” 

The two days certainly raised the profile of IAMRoadSmart, particularly amongst the UK riders who could see that Advanced Ridiing could be for them. And those from abroad were quite envious of the UK having an organisation like IAMRoadSmart, it would appear that it is almost unique across the world.