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Rideouts and Coffee

Although it seems as if the weather has changed and winter is here, it doesn’t mean meeting up with mates or riding out for coffee and cakes has to stop. In fact, for a number of us, riding happens all year round and only gales and monsoons stop the fun.
So, I’m asking for ideas of good winter rides. Probably not as rides in the summer during which we meet up and go for a long leisurely ride through the countryside. But nice, warm, hospitable places where we can meet friends and get dry and warm around a hot mug of something. Coffee and Motorcycles


Check out the monthly meetings agenda on our upcoming events pages.


So, let me have your thoughts on good places to head for during these winter months. If it is too dark and cold to go out at night, find a few weekends to meet up and reminisce about summer rides and plan next years adventures! Let me have your thoughts on what you would like WIMA to try to organise for all members.

See you soon!