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President’s Report from Hungary

As I write this I have been home from Hungary less than 48 hours, and I am still buzzing from the International Rally. What an awesome week! There were 12 from WIMA GB, including 2 guests, and we represented you in every aspect – on the bikes, in the pool, on the dance floor, in the bar, bull riding, tethered football, eating, on the parade ride, winning raffle prizes, raising money for MOR, and at the National Presidents’ meeting. It was a “full on” week, in temperatures around 30C each day, apart from Thursday, when we had some drizzle, and Saturday, when we returned the hire bikes, riding to Budapest in torrential rain. What a good job I practised for this riding home from Disserth!

On the adage that “pictures speak a 1000 words”, and that guest editor Jan Salihi is waiting for this, here is a pictorial report, click on an image and scroll through the selection to see the captions.