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Baskerville Hall

Horizons Unlimited will be presenting HUBB UK, June 16-19.¬†What do Sherlock Holmes and Horizons Unlimited have in common? They solved a baffling mystery in the UK! For over a year, we have been searching high and low, sniffing out potential leads only for the trails to go cold. We’d like to say our quest brought us intrigue in the moors, but we found something even better: a new venue for HUBB UK 2016! Horizons UnlimitedThanks to the generosity of so many people in sending us suggestions and helping with venue scouting over the past year, we’ve secured¬†Baskerville Hall for June 16-19, 2016.

We’re excited that the venue supports fantastic rider training including off-road courses plus lots of bush for ride-outs, and we have plans to use it… Coach Ramey Stroud will be back! Online registration is open now with early bird rates!