There are more of us out there than you think.

Did you know that WIMA’s first Vice President, Theresa Wallach, was the first person, male or female, to ride across the Sahara unsupported, back in 1933? Read more on our Heritage page.

Have you heard the story of how WIMA GB member (and top woman adventure rider) Tiffany Coates mended her headlight with wire from her bra somewhere in the desert north of Timbuktu.Tiffany-Mudagascar-Nov13-web

We have some pretty feisty members who take the road less travelled…

Solo from Europe to Australia:  Linda Bootherstone, who rode solo from Europe to Australia in her sixties

Riding through South America: Sheonagh and Pat spent six months riding through South America and sixteen months travelling from Panama to Cambodia

Others take organised tours ranging from wine tasting by Harley to the Himalayas by Enfield and regale us with their exploits  in our Newsletter. Sue Barnes, with limited time and budget, thinks of a country not too far off, looks at a map to find the wiggly roads, flies out there, rents a bike, invites other WIMA members along for the ride, and takes off for a week or two. Then writes great articles!

What all these women have in common is a willingness to share tips and experiences and encouragement to other women, just to get out there and give it a go themselves… We are supportive, not competitive!