WIMA GB is a motorcycle club for all women interested in motorcycling of any age or ability.
The purpose of the club is to support and promote motorcycling among women. The club is run by members through an elected Committee.
WIMA GB (Great Britain) is a National Division of WIMA International (wimaworld.com).
Membership of WIMA for individuals is through the National Divisions. 
Members of WIMA enjoy a truly international network of support and friendship.

What do we do?

We organise regional meets, rides and events in the UK

We support each other by sharing knowledge and experience

We hold a National Rally annually in the UK

We take part in International rallies all over the world, and occasionally host them

We maintain contact with female riders all over the world, useful for when you travel

We promote motorcycle riding among women through friendship, the rallies, association with the British Motorcycling Federation, our newsletters, media, social media and the internet.

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4 months ago
WIMA World

More great news from WIMA International!
Welcome Cathie and the female bikers of WIMA Ghana 🇬🇭

Amazing start for WIMA in 2021 🏍

Ghana joined our community in January 2021. The national president is Cathie Lajide, known in the biking community as FIREFLY. She has been a rider since 2015 ... See more

4 months ago
WIMA World

As we reach across the world to all women interested in motorcycling, WIMA (the Women’s International Motorcycle Association) continues to grow each day with more and more women joining their ... See more

4 months ago
WIMA Rally 2021

WIMA Netherlands will host the 2021 WIMA International Rally in Grolloo.

WIMA members from all over the world will get together for a week of motorcycle riding, camping, fun, games, music and more. ... See more

Looking forward to 2021, and meeting up again.We offer you a glimpse of our choice location.Cheers!Find more TT riding and other adventures at https://www.yo...

4 months ago
WIMA World

How amazing is it to be a part if this 😍

WIMA is about women riders. We are the largest motorcycle association in the world and we are 70 years old but yet vibrant and active as ever before.

In 2020 we welcomed 6 new divisions to our ... See more

5 months ago
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