WIMA GB is a motorcycle club for all women interested in motorcycling of any age or ability.
The purpose of the club is to support and promote motorcycling among women. The club is run by members through an elected Committee.
WIMA GB (Great Britain) is a National Division of WIMA International (wimaworld.com).
Membership of WIMA for individuals is through the National Divisions. 
Members of WIMA enjoy a truly international network of support and friendship.

What do we do?

We organise regional meets, rides and events in the UK

We support each other by sharing knowledge and experience

We hold a National Rally annually in the UK

We take part in International rallies all over the world, and occasionally host them

We maintain contact with female riders all over the world, useful for when you travel

We promote motorcycle riding among women through friendship, the rallies, association with the British Motorcycling Federation, our newsletters, media, social media and the internet.

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1 month ago
Photos from WIMA GB's post

The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) have redesigned their quarterly members-magazine to include more input from affiliated clubs. The new design looks fantastic, and the Spring 2021 issue ... See more

2 months ago
WIMA World

🌺 Happy Women’s Day 2021 🌺

Today we celebrate all women, in all their diversities. We do that every year and have done so since 1911 and we have come a long way in all aspects of life, ... See more

2 months ago
WIMA World

🥳 Congratulations on winning the 2020 Ellen Pfeiffer Award Sheila 🥳

Congratulations Sheila Whittingham, winner of the 2020 Ellen Pfeiffer Award

Sheila Whittingham has been a member of WIMA GB since 1967 and has been active in her support of WIMA throughout this ... See more

3 months ago
WIMA World

A winter motorcycle riding picture and a story not to be missed by any women rider or by anyone who is into motorcycling...

Anke Eve Goldman helped found WIMA Europe in 1958. She will be 91 years ... See more

3 months ago
Photos from WIMA GB's post

Hello ladies, don’t forget - the first of the four Front Room Rallies is tonight.

We can't meet out on the road so WIMA GB is coming round the country to your Front Room via Zoom.

So pull up a ... See more

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