WIMA Rally Finland 2018

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WIMA Finland welcomes you with your family or friend to the WIMA Rally in Finland from July 30th to August 4th 2018. The rally is held at Parainen in the Soliden’s campsite, about 20 km from Turku. http://www.solliden.fi/

It is possible to arrive from 15:00 at Sunday July 29th 2018. Departure is at the latest 12:00 Saturday August 4th 2018. The Camp site is situated at a beautiful place by the sea, http://www.visitfinland.com/archipelago/, there it is possible to rent canoes, bicycles etc. At the camp site you can buy bar snacks.

Distances from the campsite:

Nearest supermarket/gas station/alcohol shop 1 km Parainen centrum 1,7 km Hotel Kalkstrand 2,3 km City of Turku 23,7 km Helsinki the Capital city of Finland 175 km

Costs WIMA member not WIMA member Camping/caravan: £230 * £276 * Bed in the cottage: £304 * £350 * Rental sheets and towel: £9.20 £9.20 Tent set: £92 £92

*Incl. breakfasts, electricity, dinners at Monday and Friday, programme on the rally site.

Every cottage has a fridge and on the bed, a blanket and pillow. There is the possibility to have a sleeping place on the army tent (fee is the same than camping), put your request in the Registration form’s column Extra info. We only have 60 beds in the cottages, it is not enough for everyone. Priority will be given to those who come from afar by air or for those with a special reason. Write your reasons why you need to sleep on the cottage on the Registration form’s column Extra info.

At the hotel Kalstrand (http://www.strandbo.fi/contact.html) we have special prices for a double room 86€ and a single room 68€/night. Use the code WIMA, when doing the reservation before the end of the May. If you choose to stay in a hotel you have to pay the camping fee as well to participate the rally. YOU MUST MAKE YOUR OWN HOTEL BOOKING. 

Something about the programmme: Pre rally at island Åland from Friday to Sunday July 27th – 29th Welcome-dinner with programme on Monday Bus-Boat-Bus trip to Naantali-Turku *, orientation tour, games, wood workshop, karaoke, disco, etc… during the week Show evening (free stage) and WIMA Finland’s 25 years party on Thursday Parade to Turku, farewell night, dinner and program on Friday

How to come to Finland: Thru Baltic countries, by boat from Tallin From Travemünde (Germany) by boat to Helsinki Thru Sweden to Marienhamn, Åland (needs boat to the main land), Turku or Helsinki By plane to Helsinki Our own customer code 57093 (WIMA Finland) gives some discount to SiljaTallink boat trips.

Rent a motorbike from Finland through WIMA Finland (deal with Tuusmotors) 15 km from Helsinki airport. Fill in your interest on the registration form and we will contact you.

Registration can only be made through your president, latest 20.2.2018. We check as fast as possible the Pre Rally and cottage situations. WIMA GB – this means bookings and payment must be with me by 18 February at the very latest. *Trip to Naantali or Turku. There will be a bus to Turku, from where we will take a steam boat Ukkopekka (http://www.ukkopekka.fi/fi/info) to Naantali. You can stay at Naantali (you can visit at Muuminworld) or we have a bus to Turku, where you can stay for a few hours. There will be a bus from Naantali and Turku to the camp site later. We will confirm the price after we know how many is coming. This will be charged at the rally’s campsite.

Rally web site: https://wima2018.wordpress.com/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wima2018/ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/115315409108972/

Pre Rally at Åland, Finland July 27th – 29th from Turku or from Grislehamn (Sweden)

27.7. From Turku £198 Boat TallinkSilja at 8.15, incl. buffet lunch on the boat. From Grisslehamn (Sweden) £175 Eckeröline at 10.00.

Accomodation 1, July 27th – 28th Marienhamn at 15.00 Övernäsgården, Östernäsvägen 5, 22100 MARIEHAMN. Incl. breakfast, sheets and towels

Bus Övernäsgården-Vikingmarket (festival) 15.30. Incl bus and tickets to the Viking Marketplace. http://fibula.ax/viking-market/ At the Viking market info 16.00 (dinner Euro 36,50 incl special meal with a drink, at own cost). Bus Vikinmarket-Övernäsgården Incl.

28.7 Boat Hummelvik-Torsholma in two groups at 12.00 and 17.15. Dinner and boat incl.

Accomodation 2, July 28th – 29th Hotell och Restaurang Gullvivan, Björnholma, 22920 Brandö. Incl breakfast, sheets and towels.

29.7 Boat Åva-Osnäs (Vuosnainen) in two groups at 8.45 and 13.40, boat trip takes about one and half hours. From Vuosnainen it takes about two hours to drive to the camp site.

If you have something to fasten your motorbike on the boat please bring it with you as there is not enough for everybody. Something like this:

We will bring some from Finland that you can borrow.

There is only 80 places on the pre rally, because of the size of the boats. We take participants by registration date, the sooner, the more likely. (Registration date is the date your form and payment reach your NP). We are trying to have an offer from the hostel at Turku at July 26th – 27th. Follow the web site or Facebook.

WIMA Rally 2018 orga team


Prices were quoted in Euros, and have been converted to Pounds to enable you to pay into our account. Our Treasurer, Julie will make one payment to cover the whole cost.

Payment must accompany completed forms. Post or email – 67 Old Brumby Street, Scunthorpe, DN16 2AJ email president@wimagb.co.uk

Payment – by cheque payable to WIMA GB, by PayPal – TREASURER@WIMAGB.CO.UK and please put “payment for Finland” in the message box

By BACS – please contact Treasurer Julie for details.

I will acknowledge receipt of all forms and payment as I receive them. Please contract me if you haven’t heard from me, and think I should have received it! 

If you have any questions about the rally, please send them to me and not to WIMA Finland directly.

Happy 2018