WIMA Curaçao Rally 2019

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Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th April, 2019 

You are cordially invited to officially register for the first ever Caribbean international WIMA Rally. It is held at Bed & Bike in the picturesque neighbourhood of Pietermaai, approximate-ly 10 kilometres from the airport and only a 5-minute walk to the city and the nearest beach. You must register through the National President of your WIMA Division before 12th October 2018 by providing as many details as you can in the Excel spreadsheet provided with this invitation. For those of you who pre-registered earlier, please fill out this new form, which we will use as the official registration. Bed & Bike is offering special prices for extra nights if we book timely (bunkbed £17.50 ($21) / half queen bed £33.34 ($40) pp/night). Moreover, they need to know if we’ll be renting the entire place, which in the mean-time has proven very likely. 

Check our accommodation place at https://www.bedandbikecuracao.com. 

As soon as beds have been assigned to participants, payments can be made. We need all participation fees in Curacao by 22nd November 2018 to confirm (pay) our lodging at Bed & Bike, so you need to pay WIMA GB Treasurer by 10 November at the latest. (If paying by cheque this needs to be by 1 November). All payments to WIMA GB must be in £’s. 

You are welcomed by our Dushi WIMA Rally team on Sunday 21st April where your bed will be available at Bed & Bike from 3 PM. If you stay at Bed & Bike in Pietermaai and inform us in time, we will help arrange your pick-up from the airport. 

The departure day of our Dushi WIMA Rally is on Saturday 27th April at 11:00 at the latest if you have not booked an extension of your stay for one or more extra nights. 

The Dushi WIMA Rally price includes at least three main activities (the welcome ceremony, farewell party and a fun boat trip) and goodies including a rally shirt and gadgets. See below for the week’s highlights. 

There are two categories of accommodation: 

1) a queen bed to share in a room for two at £420 (USD 504) per person (explain why you prefer a room for two and inform us with whom you wish to stay there). 

2) a bunkbed in a dorm with privacy in the form of your own power outlet, lamp and curtain to close your bunk at £320 (USD 384) per person. 

Non-WIMA members pay £50 (USD 60) on top of the rally price and those who find accom-modation elsewhere are charged £220 (USD 264) per person for participation in the pro-gramme. 

Included in your stay at Bed & Bike is the option of using a bicycle. You need to arrange this in person at the front desk (deposit or credit card guarantee required). You get a pushbike with a lock to secure your bike and a helmet if you like. Cycle defensively as there are no specific bike lanes. 

Next door to Bed & Bike you find a little restaurant with friendly prices for breakfast, food and drinks. There are many more restaurants and bars in the area of Pietermaai. 

Highights of our Dushi WIMA Rally. 

On Sunday 21st April we are organising a ‘meet and greet’ at Kokomo Beach. As soon as you have registered as Dushi WIMA Rally participant, you are invited at the ‘Dushi beach of Ko-komo in Piscadera, to receive a welcome drink, a sunbed and with live music in the evening, starting during Kokomo’s Happy Hour in the afternoon (Happy Hour is from 5 PM to 6 PM). 

On Monday 22nd April the Seú (harvest celebration) takes place at daytime. This event is a cultural highlight in itself, held in the streets of Otrobanda. 

The welcome dinner with local live music is in the evening of Monday 22nd April. We will gladly welcome you all to celebrate our first Caribbean rally in enjoyable ‘ambiente’ (atmosphere). 

During the week we are taking a boat trip along the coast of Curaçao, we offer an optional bus trip to some hot-spots on the island (area of Banda Abou towards Westpunt), a scaven-ger hunt with an interesting mix and mingle of WIMA rally participants and local motorcy-clists. Last but not least we are trying to organise a parade for motorcyclists and scooter riders. 

The Farewell night on Friday the 26th of April will be the closure of our rally week, with at that same night the pre-King’s Day celebration in the streets of Punda. 

On Saturday 27th April you are recommended to hang out in the area of Pietermaai, Punda and Otrobanda (the entire city area of Willemstad) if you are in for more party. You prefera-bly bring or buy some orange clothes to show your party-spirit and to join the festive crowd. In case you need quietness after the week of Dushi WIMA rally activities, you are recom-mended to get out of town and find yourself a calm and dushi beach in the area of Banda Abou. 

Unless, of course, you need to head for the airport and we will help arrange your transpor-tation if you wish. There is always a time for ‘Bon Bini'(welcome) and for an ‘Ayo’ (goodbye) hoping to meet again soon! 

Youtube promo Clip can be seen here

The musical artist Enmeris has agreed to using his music ♡ ‘Mi ta pasa Dushi’ which means ‘I am having a good time’. 

I hope to like it and that we can share the beauty of our lives with many WIMA friends soon! 

Kind regards, 

Carin Mercera, president of WIMA Curaçao 

Invitation to WIMA Curacao’s DUSHI WIMA Ral