1.  Can I join even if I don’t have a bike or have not passed my test?

Absolutely you can.  At times anyone can be bikeless, for a host of reasons.  And if you have not yet got started, this is a great place to start.  Have a look at Sue Herbert’s article for Short Riders.  If you are coming back to biking after years of absence, there are plenty of members ready to encourage you.

2.  Can I bring my male partner, kids, dogs etc along to the events?

Depending on the event (AGM is for members only for example), most events are open to families.    And if you are on your own, you will be sure of a warm welcome.

3.  I want to go adventuring… where do I start?

Come and join us and pick our brains.   Someone will have the answer to your question, whatever it is:.  Someone has probably been there.  And if not, the best resource in the world is www.horizonsunlimited.com

And if you are nervous about getting your bike on a cross-Channel ferry for the first time, don’t be.   Most of us have been in your shoes at one time and remember what it was like and how scared we were.

4.  This is a really stupid question…… but….

No it’s not!  We probably wondered the same thing ourselves once upon a time.