Pikilily was voted the WIMA GB charity at the June 2017 AGM and the WIMA world charity at the July 2017 AGM in Estonia.

Run by WIMA GB member Claire Elsdon who is based in Mwanza, Tanzania, Pikilily has two focuses.

The first is to train unemployed Tanzanian women to become motorcycle mechanics at the Pikilily workshop, which was funded in 2016 by WIMA both in GB and overseas, as well as other supporters. These women will also be trained to ride motorcycle ambulances and to give first aid.

The second is to reduce the number of women who die in or around childbirth in rural areas throughout Tanzania. Around 24 women die per day – which has a massive impact on their unborn, newly born or other young children in the family. One reason for this is their inability to reach a hospital in time.

400 motorcycle ambulances were shipped to Tanzania over the last 4 years, but procedures to train the riders and to maintain the motorcycles were not followed by the receiving authorities. Most of these motorbikes are just rotting in the sun and Claire is determined to get them back into service. The local health authority is a keen supporter and collaborator in this project.

Two of the local motoambulances are being renovated in the Pikilily workshop and WIMA has funded a pilot project to get them back in the field taking vulnerable mothers and babies to hospital.

Claire Elsdon is herself an accomplished rider and traveller. She rode her beloved DRZ 400 solo from London to Cape Town without a single breakdown, due to her rigorous maintenance schedule. En route she renovated a fleet of derelict bikes belonging to an NGO in Malawi and combined with learning about the appalling motorcycle accident rates all over Africa, discovered her mission.

You can see the inspiring talk she gave at the 2017 PINC Conference in the Netherlands below and, also the message she sent WIMA GB members at the June 2017 rally thanking us for the financial and other contributions we have made.




Money was raised for WIMA GB’s previous charity Motorcycle Outreach and these donations have now been transferred to Pikilily as MoR is no longer involved in Tanzania and the money was raised for Tanzania. Funds are now in place to start a pilot project with two renovated motorcyle ambulances. Learn more here:

Pikilily is registered as a social enterprise business in Tanzania and is in the process of applying for official charity status in the UK.

For more details about Pikilily, please go to their website.  You can contact Claire direct by email by clicking this link or Sheonagh in the UK

If you have time and skills and wish to volunteer, we will be delighted to hear from you! And all fundraising ideas will be very welcome.